How the Ticket Sales System Works (Hong Kong)

1. Ticket Sales Details

(1) Type of ticket

Reservation ticket (admission voucher) with designated admission date

*Reservation ticket will be issued from JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc.(JAPAN). The admission date and visitor's name will be written on the ticket.

(2) Admission dates

Tickets for that month up to three months ahead will be sold from the 1st of every month.

For example:

7/1~ July./Aug./Sept./;
8/1~ Aug./Sept./Oct./;
9/1~ Sept./Oct./Nov./;

(3) Ticket prices (tax included)

Ages 19 and Older: ¥1,000
Ages 13 to 18: ¥700
Ages 7 to 12: ¥400
Ages 4 to 6: ¥100

*Prices will be set by the local travel agency, based on weekly currency exchange rates.

(4) Method of purchase

Cash purchase only at designated travel agency counters *Credit card purchase and reservations by telephone, mobile phone, or Internet not currently available.

(5) Purchase limit Maximum 6 tickets per person

(6) End of ticket sales

Tickets will be sold until all tickets are sold out, or until the day before the admission date.

(7) Date changes/cancellations

Allowed up to the day prior to the admission date, at travel agency office where purchased.

2. Purchase Procedures


(1) On purchase:

Present personal I.D. and give desired admission date and name(s) of visitors and purchase voucher(s) with cash. One voucher issued per visitor.

(2) On admission:

Present voucher and passport at Ghibli Museum entrance, exchange voucher for film ticket, and enter Museum.


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